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Types of Insulin


(insulin glargine) is a long-acting basal insulin analogue prescribed for patients with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.


(insulin glulisine) is a fast acting insulin for treatment of adults, adolescents and children of 6 years or older with diabetes mellitus, where treatment with insulin is required. Apidra® should normally be used in regimens that include a longer-acting insulin or basal insulin analogue.


(human insulin) is a range of insulin solutions and suspensions for injection. It is supplied in vials and cartridges, containing the active substance human insulin. The Insuman range is comprised of fast-acting insulin solution (Insuman Rapid). an intermediate-acting insulin suspension (Insuman Basal) that contains isophane insulin and combinations of fast and intermediate-acting insulins in various proportions.

Oral therapy


(Glimepiride) is an oral blood glucose-lowering drug of the sulfonylurea class administered once a day to treat Type 2 diabetes in conjunction with a diet and exercise.

Amaryl M®

Glimepiride + Metformin) is indicated for the treatment of Type 2 diabetes in conjunction with diet and exercise.


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