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Aligned to the Sanofi Group's commitment to diabetes, Sanofi Diabetes India strives to become a true 360 degree partner for patients and healthcare professionals, offering a complete range of innovative and integrated solutions.

With Diabetes gaining epidemic proportions in India, our focus is to simplify the management of a complex disease - for people with diabetes and their healthcare providers.

Our Approach

Our approach rests on four pillars, which we believe are extremely important to help us achieve our ambition of offering innovative and included solutions to the large population of diabetics in India.

Our Four Pillars
        I.     Portfolio Optimization
        II.    Patient Services
        III.   Access and Affordability
        IV.    Partnerships with the medical community

Portfolio optimization

Sanofi is one of the few companies in India with a comprehensive portfolio of products- both orals and insulins- to help patients meet their treatment goals across different stages of diabetes. Two of our flagship brands Amaryl®(Glimepiride) and Lantus®(Insulin Glargine) are the market leaders in their segment, and widely used by physicians worldwide and in India.

Our Oral portfolio includes Amaryl®(Glimepiride), Cetapin® (Metformin), Daonil ® (Glibenclamide) along with line extensions of these products, specially designed to help physicians and patients better manage the disease.

Our Insulin portfolio includes once-daily insulin analogue, Lantus® (Insulin glargine), short-acting insulin Apidra®(Insulin glulisine), and a premix insulin Insuman® (NPH human insulin), which was re-launched in 2011 in response to the felt need of  providing a high quality Human Insulin at an affordable price.

We remain focused to further build on and strengthen our product portfolio, in line with the patients needs and through close partnership with the medical community.

Patient Services

At Sanofi Diabetes, the patient is at the heart of our organization. We understand the challenges posed by the disease and recognize the need for holistic care.

We lay great emphasis on information, awareness and education, and seek to assist patients to truly manage their disease through ongoing awareness programs, simple and easy-to-understand patient education material, and associations with like-minded partners and non-profit organizations.

Sanofi Diabetes India also has one of the longest running patient support program in the country called Saath 7 (Together towards 7) for diabetic patients. A dedicated team of trained counselors work closely with physicians to help patients and families understand the disease and attain desired treatment goals.

Access and affordability

We are constantly focused on developing innovative business models, which could help us reach patients located across the length and breadth of our country, with a differentiated product offering.

We are also developing innovative, state-of-the art devices for administration of Insulin and for Blood Glucose Monitoring, and seek to make these available at an affordable price to Indian patients.

Partnerships with the medical community

With a commitment to diabetes which spans over a century, Sanofi Diabetes endeavors to become the focal point for all stakeholders, patients, healthcare professionals and other caregivers, as well as Health Authorities equipping them with the latest in diabetes management, and working closely with them towards finding solutions that could make life easier for people with diabetes.

We conduct multiple initiatives on a regular basis to equip healthcare practitioners in India with the latest scientific updates in the prevention, treatment and management of Diabetes, Our initiatives like SEEK (Sharing Evidence, Experience and Knowledge ), DIALOGUE, ISPs (International Speaker Programs) etc, also help us understand the needs of the medical community and form the basis of our product innovations and new product developments.







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