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Diabetes Scenario:

Diabetes, today, has become prevalent than ever before. It alters the lives of all age groups, the age group most affected being between 40-59 years.

In 2010, recent estimates have shown that 285 million people live with diabetes, around the world. This corresponds to an alarming 6.4% of the world's adult population and this number is only expected to grow to 438 million by 2030.

Recent studies from the World Health Organisation (WHO) show that a considerable number of diabetics originate from low and middle income countries.

Today, India has the world's largest diabetes population with an estimated 61.3 million people living with diabetes and is slated to rise to 101 million by 2030.

Prevention and education about diabetes is critical in these situations. It is essential that people are educated about diabetes and are taught how to control it.


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