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Daily life tips:

Diabetes is a life altering condition. It cannot be cured nor can it be controlled purely through medication. A diabetic must understand that in order to take control of his/her diabetes, it is important that they alter their lifestyle accordingly. The key to managing diabetes essentially lies in keeping a diabetic's blood sugar level within his/her target range.

If you are a diabetic, you can carry out the following tips, to manage your diabetes:

  1. Making healthy food choices:
    Follow a balanced diet and try to manage the amount of carbohydrate intake in your meals. You can do so by spreading out the amount of intake during the day. Also, try losing some weight. It will help you remain active.
  2. Being active:
    Walking is a great way to start. Also be sure to check your blood sugar levels before you exercise. Avoid working out if your blood sugar is too high. Working out at blood sugar levels more than 240 mg/dL may result in ketosis.
  3. Testing your blood sugar levels:
    You have a better chance of keeping your blood sugar level well within your target range, if you know what it is from day to day. Test your blood sugar levels before lunch and dinner. It will help you decide on appropriate foods, portion sizes and the dosage of your insulin or medication.
  4. Keep high blood pressure and high cholesterol under control:
    This can help lower your risk of other health problems, such as heart disease and stroke.
  5. Follow a strict medication time table:
    If you are prescribed medication such as Metformin or insulin on a regular basis, ensure that you follow your doctor's instructions about medication methods and timings.
  6. Not smoking:
    Quitting smoking reduces your risk of heart attack and stroke. Although the list seems long, you do not have to start all at once. Begin with one or two of the above alterations. Make checking your blood sugar levels your priority and maintain an active life. Ensure that you workout on a regular basis, take your medication regularly and try and maintain a regular diet. Once you have completed these, then you can move on to the rest. Accepting diabetes is difficult, even though you might not show any signs of its symptoms. Expressing anger and sadness is normal. In certain cases some diabetics even express grief. However, if you are a diabetic or if you know someone who is, ensure that they consult a doctor or a counsellor. Your doctor or other health professionals can help you cope with your diagnosis.


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